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Canada removes limit on off-campus work hours for international students
From 15 November 2022 to the end of December 2023 international students with off-campus permissions on their study permits will be able to work an unlimited number of hours off-campus. The temporary rule will also apply to active study permit holders who submitted study applications by 7 October 2022
Australia announce new rules on in-study and post-study work rights
Beginning July 2023, international students in Australia will be able to work for a maximum of 48 hours per fortnight Also in July, extended post-study work rights will be available to international students who graduate with certain degrees linked to labour skills shortages in the Australian economy The list of eligible degrees has now been released
International Universities focused on student recruitment
Recent survey of international universities in Australia, Canada, and the UK say that international student recruitment remains their top priority Agents will continue to play a key role in those recruitment goals but university leaders are placing a greater emphasis on professionalizing the role of education agents and counsellors
Russia reopens to international students
Foreign students can now fly into Russia from at least 21 countries for study purposes provided that they produce proof of a negative pre-departure COVID test and then take another test upon arrival that confirms they are not infected Students in Russia have now returned to full-time, in-person learning
US now allows student visa applications up to one year in advance
The US State Department has announced an expansion of the time period during which international students may apply for an F or M-class visa to study in the United States. Presently, the students were able to apply only 120 days before their planned Programme starts. Under the revised rule, the US will accept student visa applications up to 365 days in advance.
Ireland has the edge in affordability
In Ireland, undergraduate tuition fees for non-EU students range from €9,850–€19,500 for most Programms, for an average of €14,675. In the UK, the undergraduate range for international students is £11,400–£38,000 (average of £22,200 per year, for a Euro currency equivalent of €24,780). Since 2021, those fees also apply to EU students in British universities. In Ireland, most undergraduate EU/EEA students enrolled in publicly funded third-level courses do not have to pay tuition fees.
Canada’s foreign enrolment grew by more than 30% in 2022
Canada’s foreign enrolment reached a record high of nearly 808,000 at the end of 2022 India remains the leading sending market and a major driver of that overall growth However, several other emerging markets are also showing real strength this year as well

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With our expert guidance and support, you can fulfil your dream of studying in the world's most prestigious universities. Our team of experienced counsellors will help you navigate the entire admission process, from selecting the right course and university to obtaining visas and scholarships. Our partnerships with top universities ensure that you have access to the best education possible.


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Our Experts handle the complexities of your Visa & Immigration Law

Our Consultants typically offer services such as selecting universities that match the student's educational and career goals, reviewing application materials, and providing guidance on preparing for entrance exams and interviews. They also help students with financial planning, including researching scholarships and loans, and advising on budgeting and living expenses. On the other hand, our Lawyers who specialize in overseas education can provide legal advice on issues such as immigration, visa applications, and international student rights. They can also assist students with legal issues that may arise during their studies, such as disputes with universities or landlords, or challenges with obtaining work permits or residency.

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Mr. Suresh Rohilla is a full fleged lawyer who has 25 years of experience in legal field visa and immigration law and has successfully He has a passion for helping students pursue their educational dreams, and his firm offers comprehensive services.

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Mr. Varun has been a part of Easy Abroad since its inception. He has worked to achieve company's mission and vision, as well as its strategies for success. Under his leadership, the company has seen tremendous growth and he has been able to built network of contacts and partners.

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She is an invaluable asset to the organization. She provide a unique combination of expertise and knowledge that make her invaluable to the organization. With years of experience, She is able to provide student with advice and guidance to ensure they make the best decisions.

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